Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Radiohead "House of Cards" Surface Fit

As you may know, Radiohead graciously released some of the 3D data from their "House of Cards" video on Google Code. Each frame of the data has approximately 6000 points of x,y,z position data, as well as a colour intensity value (like it's in black and white), spaced non-uniformly through the space.
I've been using some Radial Basis Function Networks to approximate some functions and wanted to see how they worked to interpolate the non-uniform data only a uniform grid. Using a Thin Plate Spline basis function, I created the surface in the image. A thin plate spline is a surface that fits exactly on the control points and the surface between the control points bends as if it was a thin plate of metal. There is also, luckily, a closed form solution for the parameters.
If you're interested, the Matlab code is available of the Matlab Central File Exchange.
Next: video.

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